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The Individuals's Democratic Republic of Twitter – Washington Examiner

It took $44 billion from Elon Musk to disclose the horrific left-wing authoritarianism of social media big Twitter. It took $44 billion to point out that all the things Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and the manager crew of Twitter publicly said about censorship and limiting the attain of notable conservative Republican pundits was a whole lie. Dorsey and his accomplices by no means cared about our nation’s most cherished liberties, nor did they care about defending democracy. They secretly ran Twitter with a left-wing iron fist that extra resembled the Soviet Union than the US of America.


As an alternative, the social media big ought to be referred to as the Individuals’s Democratic Republic of Twitter. It is extra applicable of the misleading actions they took to regulate, restrict, regulate, and limit communication. The Individuals’s Democratic Republic of Twitter secretly manipulated what individuals may and couldn’t learn behind the scenes. It imposed a speech code that adhered to its woke morality as an alternative of open transparency and communication.

Republican concepts and commentary have been suppressed as a result of Twitter’s politburo wished to restrict the attain of such messaging. Dorsey and his Bolshevik employees ensured that something that disagreed with their radical left-wing core values could be restricted. And bear in mind, this was an organization run by a bunch of people that routinely said they wished to “defend our democracy.” It says lots about how they outline “democracy.”

This can be a shining instance of what occurs when the Left controls communication. It’s life imitating a George Orwell novel. It is stunning, angering, irritating, and unfair, however none of it ought to be shocking. That is how oppressive left-wing regimes behave in actual life. They’ve all the time been that means and can all the time be that means.

Elon Musk has accomplished yeoman’s work in exposing the authoritarian nature of Previous Twitter. So, too, have journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss. If not for his or her work and Musk’s appreciable monetary assets, we’d have by no means really identified the extent to which the Individuals’s Democratic Republic of Twitter went to suppress conservative Republicans and their subsequent ideas and beliefs.

Sadly, it is indicative of a larger drawback. The Left’s suppression ways lengthen far past Twitter. We will not depend on a billionaire to reveal left-wing suppression and bias in our society each time it’s suspected that corporations have interaction in such deceitful acts. Both billionaires would turn into extinct, or a brand new billion-dollar trade of media acquisitions would develop if others adopted Musk’s lead. The issue is, it should not come to that. There should be extra pragmatic options to proper these wrongs.


There are various parallels between Twitter’s suppression of opposing ideologies and viewpoints and the ways utilized by the Soviet Union, North Koreans, and the Chinese language Communist Get together. The one distinction was that as an alternative of sending individuals to an actual gulag, Twitter suspended individuals’s accounts. And, if there have been methods to ship individuals to gulag, given the corporate’s excessive actions to suppress opposing viewpoints, it is not far-fetched to suppose the Individuals’s Democratic Republic might need accomplished that, too.

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