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Opinion | Boycotts are harmful — even in opposition to Russian tradition – The Washington Put up

Although Philip Kennicott didn’t counsel a boycott of Russian tradition in his Dec. 18 Critic’s Pocket book, “Putin’s brutality against Ukraine complicates our appreciation of Russian culture” [Arts & Style], he famous a “rising sense that Russia might certainly be distinctive amongst nations, and uniquely poisonous.”

The rejection of Russian tradition can solely give solace to tradition warriors throughout america who’re urgent for the banning of books and restrictions on what college students can learn in our public colleges. Additionally, Russian nativists round President Vladimir Putin may use this as “proof” that the West is against Russian identification and tradition.

I’m an aspiring iconographer. I examine iconography below the tutelage of an artist who emigrated from Russia. Ought to I cease writing about icons as a result of Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church is one in all Mr. Putin’s main enablers and the Russian Orthodox Church is offering a religious veneer over the atrocities in Ukraine? In fact not. I perceive the distinction between a deeply lovely, 1,000-year custom of Russian religious artistry and a up to date Russian political hack.

We’d like look again no additional than the final 4 a long time of the twentieth century to search out voices arguing in opposition to Russian tradition due to the Soviet risk. Thankfully, these voices didn’t prevail, and, on the peak of the Chilly Battle, Russian music and artwork continued to be loved by European and American audiences.

Mr. Putin and people round him try to outline the Ukraine conflict as a battle to protect the “purity” of Russian tradition and values from the depravity of latest Western European and North American tradition. Let’s not give them “proof” of america’ enmity towards Russian tradition. Allow us to additionally not present unintended ammunition for individuals who have comparable tradition warrior targets on this nation.

Invoice Thompson, North Potomac

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