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Milly Wa Jesus cautioned towards gastric balloon weight reduction process – Pulse Reside Kenya

Milly had apparently warmed as much as the concept of present process the weight-loss process that was additionally endorsed by her husband, Kabi Wa Jesus, however her mom had a distinct opinion.

Milly’s mom expresses her opposition to the process, noting that she regarded effective as she was.

“Aki please, usimeze hio kitu. Wewe usifanye cosmetic surgery. Na si uko sawa, naskianga Kabi akisema uko tu sawa. Let me ask you, you’ve got a husband, why are you on the lookout for mahips? Girls be ok with the other gender,” she mentioned.

Milly’s declined to present her blessings for the content material creator to proceed with the process and defined that in response to her, having a giant tummy is regular because the content material creator had given delivery to many youngsters.

The content material creator additionally expressed her want to endure cosmetic surgery sooner or later, explaining that she is planning on enlarging some elements of her physique simply to be ok with herself.

The content material creator tried to persuade her mom that the process was a part of a job she was doing can be paid for it, however this too did not persuade her mom who stood agency telling her to not proceed with it.

“Wacha vitu kama hizo, wewe kaa vile uko, you might be okay (Don’t do such issues, stay as you might be, you might be okay),” Milly’s mom mentioned.

The process has change into frequent in superstar circles with many Kenyan content material creators and celebrities choosing it.

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